What will happen to https://discuss.spryker.com?




  • Marcel

    Hello Daniel,

    I am Marcel and I am working in Spryker's support team. First of all, thank you for creating the first post on our new forum, much appreciated. I'll be happy to address your raised points here.

    currently a bit confused about what to use where. For what I can see you can submit here requests not immediately visible to the public. So, support.spryker.com basically translates to an "internal" issue tracker.

    That is quite correct, we will be using support.spryker.com as our new, centralized help center, incl. community forum, knowledge base and a ticket system. This is part of our new customer support strategy to assist us to get a better overview of our different support channels to be able to answer you faster. For your information, this is not only about the forum, but also how we process support requests on a larger scale.

    It seems to be a public forum as well, as you can create new posts in categories. If this is the case, what is https://discuss.spryker.com/ about, and what will happen there?

    I can only hope that you are not retiring discuss.spryker.com in favor of this format here. I can see it might be needed in terms of content centralization. But Discourse might be a much better fit for a public forum than Zendesk.

    I hear your concerns Daniel; this is pretty much what we plan to do. We made an announcement on discuss.spryker.com today, explaining what is going to happen to discuss.spryker.com, why it is happening and how and when we plan to do this.

    We hope that this explains our thinking behind it, but if you have any other open questions or concerns, I will be happy to address them, Daniel.



  • Catalina Assmann

    Hi Marcel,

    Could you please explain the difference between submitting a request and writing a post in the forum?

    In what situation would it be beneficial to post in the forum instead of submitting a request?


    Thanks in advance,


  • Marcel

    Hi Catalina,

    Could you please explain the difference between submitting a request and writing a post in the forum?

    Sure, happy to. A forum post is mainly directed at the Spryker community in general, due to its public and open nature. 

    A request ticket is not public and can only be viewed by the requester (and the requester's organization, if they are a customer or partner agency of Spryker) and is directed at Spryker's team.

    In what situation would it be beneficial to post in the forum instead of submitting a request?

    In short: You can use the forum to ask the experienced Spryker community, while the Spryker team will also have an eye on the forum. You can submit a ticket, if you have a direct technical question for our Spryker support team or want to report a bug or security vulnerability or simply give us feedback.

    Feel free to exchange your ideas with fellow Spryker developers here in the forum. Please keep in mind, that the Spryker community consist of people with multiple backgrounds though: customers, partner agencies, freelance developers or people, who are simply interested in Spryker OS as a product. But not everyone might want to ask questions in a public forum on behalf of the company they are working for or some might not even be allowed to due to confidentiality reasons. So while we of course encourage and appreciate the open exchange between developers you ultimately have to decide for yourself what you want to and can post in a public forum. The benefit of asking in the forum is of course the larger Spryker community, which already has a ton of practical experience with Spryker OS.

    Our internal Spryker team will also keep an eye on the forum and try to answer as quickly as possible – however please be aware that we cannot guarantee any response times in the forum. In fact, one of the main reasons we are introducing a ticket system is to enable us to get a better overview of all incoming support requests, track them properly and deliver on response times. Traditionally, we supported several customers and partner agencies via a group messenger, but as you can imagine, it got pretty challenging to keep an overview and respond in a timely manner.

    I hope this answers your question, @Catalina. If not, please let me know, happy to keep this conversation open.


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